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Bridges Lecture Series  at Waterloo University, Canada

"The Harmonograph" - public presentations by Anita Chowdry and John Baez as part of the Bridges Lecture Series at St. Jerome's University, Waterloo, Canada in February 2016.


These talks offer a background to the history of the harmonograph, and the physics behind it.    

"Harmonograph Adventures" - A video filmed and edited in the Department of Fine Arts by students Laura Arendoque and Stephanie West at Waterloo University, Canada.


It documents our workshop in which we fabricated two harmonographs for display at the Bridges lectures at St. Jerome's University.

These videos were produced at Waterloo University, Canada, in February 2016.

"The Harmonograph" was a joint lecture between Anita Chowdry (visual artist) and John Baez (mathematical physicist) as part of the Bridges Lecture Series, an initiative of the Department of Pure Mathematics to explore connections between Mathematics and Arts & Humanities.