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SUMMARY  (please click the "Curriculum Vitae" link to the left for a full CV.)


2017 - 2018

November 2017 - January 2018, Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford 

Exhibition "Making Manuscripts for a Prince of the Black Sheep"

September 2017 - Current - Art History Tutor (India and the Islamic World) at the City Lit, London

2016 - 2017

Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford - Bahari Fellowship in Persian Arts of the Book (Codicological and contextual research into 15th century Turcoman MSS. )



Bridges Lecture Series at St. Jerome's University, Waterloo, Canada - "Harmonograph" in collaboration with John Baez.

TV Filming - Bob Geldof documentary on W.B. Yeates


Dulwich Picture Gallery, London - Gallery installation "The Iron Genie"

The Calligraphy Society of Victoria, Melbourne - Workshops in gold pigment and and Islamic manuscript illumination

International Islamic University, Kuala Lumpur - Faculty lectures on Islamic illumination

Bodleian Libraries, Oxford - "Lapis Lazuli: Myth, Matter and Majesty" seminar with David Margiles and Department of Care and Conservation.

The British Library, London - "Painting and illumination in Persian and Mughal books" manuscripts seminar with Barbara Brend.

Woburn Walk Studio, London - "Making and using 24 ct shell gold", professional development workshops.

Made in Arts, University of the Arts, London - "Capsule" group exhibition at the Embassy Tea Rooms, London.

Christie's, London - "Multiplied art Fair with Made in Arts London.

Harmonic Capital. London - Corporate arts consultancy with Made in Arts London.



Museum of the History of Science, Oxford - Solo gallery installation "The Iron Genie"

Bridges Math Art at Guacheon National Science Museum, Seoul -  Iron Genie etchings in group math/art exhibition.

NESTA head office gallery, London - Shamsa installation in group art/science exhibition

Artelier Art Consultancy, Bristol - "Geometry Illumination and Beyond" series private commission

V & A Museum, London, "Arts of South and Southeast Asia and the Islamic Middle East" - Lecturing on Indian art.

Department of History of Art, Cambridge - "Visions of Enchantment" - Conference paper

Bodleian Libraries Conservation and Collection Care, Oxford - Staff courses on pigments in Persian manuscripts


Central Saint Martin's College of Art, UAL London - M.A. Art & Science degree show

Bodleian Libraries Conservation and Collection Care, Oxford - Staff courses on pigments in Persian manuscripts

The British Library, London - "Encounters Between Art and Science" group exhibition

V & A Museum, London - "Digital Futures"  research presentation


Waterman's Art Centre, London - "Enter 12" group exhibition

Dar al-Kutub National Library, Cairo - Public lectures and staff courses on Islamic manuscript illumination

The Islamic Manuscript Association, University of Cambridge - "The science of manuscripts and manuscripts of science"  conference paper and codicology workshop

The British Library & The British Museum, London - Workshop/seminars in Persian painting with the collections


A selection of earlier projects and exhibitions:


Bridges Math Art at The University of Coimbra, Portugal - Geometry/illumination in group math/art exhibition.

The British Library & The British Museum, London - Workshop/ seminars in Persian painting with the collections

SOAS, Department of Art & Archeology, London - Presentation "Geometry Illumination and Beyond" for lecture series

The Brunei Gallery, SOAS, London - Solo exhibition "Geometry, Illumination and Beyond", artist's seminar, education project

The Brunei Gallery, SOAS, London - Exhibition of SOAS collections "Objects of Instruction" - education coordinator

Asian Art Museum, San Francisco - "Art in Asia" residency

Centre for Cultural Conservation, University of Melbourne - "The care and conservation of Middle Eastern manuscripts" conference paper and workshop

Hearst Museum of Anthropology, Berkeley, California - Lecture and demonstration of Mughal painting

The British Museum Department of conservation and scientific research - manuscript/ pigment workshop

V&A Museum, Research Department - "Arts of the Book: A craftsman's Seminar" organised and ran international seminar



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