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For me, DRAWING is a process of Thinking, of Analysis, of Reflection.


It is a slow process that I do for myself, and sometimes as commissions. I might start a drawing, leave it for months, even years, and then come back to it. COMMISSIONS can take several weeks to complete.


The ideas filter into other works, into writing, into other drawings. I allow myself complete freedom to explore, not necessarily thinking about any specific outcome.


I also use drawing as a means of understanding different media, and how to handle them.


I use differnt grades of Pencil, Loose Graphite, Watercolour, Different brushes, Fine Indian Miniaturist's Brushes, and Silverpoint. Or they may be sketches in Photography.


The drawings might be Observational, Fantasy, or Analytical utilising Technical Drawing and Geometry.


Sometimes they may be explorations within Fractal Programmes, like my APOPHYSIS SHELLS.

Sometimes the extend to 3-dimensional forms, which you can see in my PAPER SCULPTURE pages.


nautilus detail
demon detail
structures square
Square shell colour
Drawing Tool Kit Silverpoint Drawing

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