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NEW WORKS: Interelated themes in my work evolve slowly over years, even decades. Out of continuous streams of research and reflection, certain objects and ideas come to the fore and achieve fruition. They  are all connected to each other in some way, and the boundaries are not always easy to discern.


DARK MIRROR has something of the character of IRON GENIE, an idea that came from the glowering industrial weight and the distressed mirror of the large sculpture.


METAMORPHOSIS has something of an inspiration from ESCHER, and also from my work in PAPER SCULPTURE, DRAWING and photography with SHELLS. It also manifests as part of my ETCHING series.


OBJECTS OF DESIRE starts with a beautiful leather wallet with a MINIATURE PAINTING on parchment.


SILK PRINTS are some unique designs that came out of the drawings made by IRON GENIE.


Some of the outcomes become beautiful objects for sale at DESIGN REPOSITORY, my ETSY shop.


Others are ideas for INSTALLATIONS, or larger works for exhibition.



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