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For me, PAPER SCULPTURE is a three-dimensional exploration of form, and of the play of light and shadows upon the structures, just as DRAWING is an exploration of  space and form in two-dimensions. In most cases I make drawings and paper stuctures concurrently, the one informing the other. The structures are beautiful in themselves, or they may serve as the starting point for developing maquettes for large steel sculptures.


Some of my main sources of inspiration come from SEASHELLS - subtle structures that reveal their process of spiral growth, further elaborated with inherent torque as they increase in size.  

The qualities of PAPER itself, responding to cutting, folding, tearing, and wetting, also yields its own distinctive vocabulary of forms.


Some of the structures on these pages are conceived specifically as MAQUETTES for developing steel sculptures, using thin card to replicate the the cutting and bending processes to which the metal responds. Fabricating steel sculpture is time-consuming and expensive, so this is an effective way of experimenting with ideas before committing to a finished concept.


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Shell Drawings

Click on the Link Button to access Observational Drawings of Shells.