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Brunei Gallery, SOAS    16 April - 20 June 2009


The exhibition GEOMETRY ILLUMINATION & BEYOND was the focus of the education programme. Developed and coordinated by Anita Chowdry, it included a range of activities for adult audiences as well as for school groups. The programme was generously supported by the School of Oriental and African Studies, the AlTajir Trust and Southwark Children's Services.  


Adult Audiences:


Artists' presentation and discussion forum 

at the Khalili Lecture Theatre, SOAS, featuring:

Anita Chowdry, exhibiting artist

"New Contexts for Manuscript Art"

Daud Sutton, director of  Editio Electrum, design studio of Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation in Cairo.

"Traditional Islamic Art in the Digital Medium"


Professional Development workshop

"The Illuminator's Art"

A three day practical workshop taught by Anita Chowdry with a contextual visit to the British Museum to see "Shah 'Abbas: The Remaking of Iran" curated by Sheila Canby



School's Programme:


Participating Schools:

St. Margaret Clitherow R.C. Primary School

London Borough of Brent


Goodrich Primary School

London Borough of Southwark


The schools projects for K.S. 2 pupils included gallery visits and outreach work by the artists in the schools. The children's work was displayed at the Brunei Gallery along-side Geometry Illumination and Beyond during the final week of the exhibition.


Contact artists:

Anita Chowdry - Art and Geometry

Zahra Rezaei Afsah - Storytelling and Persian Calligraphy

The children learned how to construct the geometrical structure of a Shamsa with ruler and compass, and created a large group Shamsa incorporating illuminated designs and Persian Calligraphy. This was installed in the Brunei Gallery. They also played with paper-folded fractal algorithms.

Zahra Rezaei Afsah performed interactive Persian storytelling sessions in the gallery with costumes and props.

Schools Programme